This week’s hero is Darren Sadler

We’ve rewarded Darren with a Bathurst Drive!

Wow, we had a ton of amazing nominations sharing stories of how someone they know has done an awesome job on the frontlines and deserves a Valvoline “Never Idle” V8 drive at Bathurst. The winner is Darren Sadler and nominated by Sarah:

Darren Sadler is a Sergeant in the Police Force. He works in a remote country town overseeing other small stations. During this covid-19 he has been working very hard helping others with mental health issues, family violence issues plus much more each day. He is going on call straight after work and going straight back to work the next morning. He has a 14 year old son that lives interstate and has not been able to see him because of the travel restrictions. Further more his current wife and 2 children (2&4) are staying in a separate residence due to the covid-19 risk associated with his work and hasn’t physically been with them in a long time. I believe he would be a worthy winner and would put a smile on his face.

Scroll down for the list of this week’s finalists.

Week 2 – Good Neighbours

This week we’re looking for “good neighbours” – locals in your community. Wonderful people that make your street, neighbourhood or town a better place. Thoughtful people that do nice things for your family and others. Lending a hand or just being friendly, generous and kind.

Nominate your good neighbour now and they could be driving at Bathurst.

To enter email us or add a comment on our Facebook post to enter now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they were doing to help others.

Fastrack V8 Race owner George Elliot will select a worthy recipient every week. The winner will receive a Bathurst drive or two local drive vouchers as a reward from Valvoline and our team.


George’s weekly hero receives the Valvoline “Never Idle” reward 

A King of the Mountain Drive at Bathurst or two Super Drives at their closest race track

To enter email or add a comment on our Facebook post now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they are doing.

Check out Valvoline’s “Never Idle” 60 second video

The finalists’ list below of nominees and their frontline “Aussie Hero”

Amber – Janelle Williams: Firefighter and volunteer.

Roxanne Ottaway – Martin Bollen: Coach driver and works with disabled children.

Brad Williams – Theresa Korman: Psychologist who specialises with first responders trauma.
Joanne Surace – Anthony Surace: Plumbing apprentice.

Jhamailla Miranda – Christopher Walsh: School teacher.
Sarah – Darren Sadler: Police Sergeant in Dimboola VIC.
Michael Ward – Louise Ward: School teacher and helping out in family business.
Luke King – Dave Murtagh: Captain of his local country fire brigade.
Peter Sweetten – Nicholas Sweetten: Police Sergeant.
Natasha Peters – Aaron Zuydam: Truck owner-operator.

Robert Hilston – Jon Chandler: Police officer in Launceston, TAS.

Tracey Rawlings – Antony Rawlings: Interstate truck driver.
Chris Philippou – Jamie Thomas: Hard working retailer.

Isabella ilioski – Nathan Percevski: Truck driver – never idles!

Jess Finch – James Finch: Police officer.
Cheryl Norris – Erin Martin: Super father.
Phil Vogt – Lisa Tullett: Part-time Teacher and Camp leader.
Kevin Parkes – John Piccini: Full-time carer.

Rod Binding – Anthony Barkley: Fire and Rescue NSW
Shane Borg – RFS Volunteer

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