This week’s hero is David McFarlane

We’ve rewarded David with a Bathurst Drive!

This week’s heart-felt nominations told stories of truly wonderful local heroes who give so much to others everyday, year after year. Inspirational stories about generous people from the big cities to regional towns and even remote properties in central Australia.

From so many deserving nominations, we’ve selected David MacFarlane as a local hero to receive the Valvoline “Never Idle” V8 drive at Bathurst. Scroll down for the list of this week’s finalists.

For the last 2 weeks, we’ve heard about Aussies on the frontlines and in our local community – this week we’re getting closer to home, real close.

Week 3 – Special Partners

This week we’re looking for “special partners” – your closest companion who has really supported you this year. The challenging times in 2020 have put a real strain on many relationships with social restrictions, financial concerns and family disruption. Nominate your partner, that special someone you love and share with us why you appreciate them so much.

Our gift experiences have always been more about loved ones than racing cars.

Nominate your special partner now and they could be driving at Bathurst.

To enter email us or add a comment on our Facebook post to enter now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they were doing to help others.

Fastrack V8 Race owner George Elliot will select a worthy recipient every week. The winner will receive a Bathurst drive or two local drive vouchers as a reward from Valvoline and our team.


George’s weekly hero receives the Valvoline “Never Idle” reward 

A King of the Mountain Drive at Bathurst or two Super Drives at their closest race track

To enter email or add a comment on our Facebook post now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they are doing.

Check out Valvoline’s “Never Idle” 60 second video

The finalists’ list below of nominees and their good neighbour and local “Aussie Hero

Joanne Surace – Warren Schembri
Leita Hill – Shayne Hill
Michael Ward – David McFarlane
Ben – Ashley Severin
Teah Fensom – Chris Anderson
Kirsty Nicholls – David Dukes
Jennifer Streater – Tony Vella
Scott Atkins – Candice Clinch
Mark Davidson – Mark Kent
Morgan Kennedy – Tony Coulson

Here’s Michael Ward’s description of David’s contribution to his community:

David has worked tirelessly for many, many decades for anyone in need. In the neighbourhood, nursing home (weekly attending to visit/help out the elderly), church groups (driven the Sunday School bus every week to pick up disadvantaged (and sometimes difficult) kids, etc. Plus anytime someone asks for a hand he helps out and then some. Many times to his own detriment and cost but says nothing and won’t take any money. Even with small things like puts his neighbours bins away REGULARLY and moves shopping trolleys from their driveways or picks up the rubbish in the street etc and usually nobody knows about it. Being a mechanic he was often called upon, hundreds of times working on peoples cars for FREE. Towing them or going out to assist them when broken down – late at night- in the storms – in the bush, or bogged etc etc. Just too many things to mention and I don’t even remember (or know) them all. Now in his mid 70’s, hasn’t slowed down and STILL putting OTHERS first. A true local unsung hero who has served the community for over 50 years and always puts other people first!

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