This week’s hero is Edward Marks

We’ve rewarded Edward with a Bathurst Drive!

We were truly feeling the love this week with a flood of nominations from grateful Aussies full of appreciation for their special partners. Some stories were incredibly touching, describing personal challenges and difficult circumstances that really demonstrated the power of love and commitment.

From so many deserving nominations, we’ve selected as our “hero partner” Edward Marks to receive the Valvoline “Never Idle” V8 drive at Bathurst. Scroll down for the list of this week’s finalists.

For the last 3 weeks, we’ve heard about Aussies on the frontlines, in our local community and special partners.

For our final week, we’re looking to be inspired by our young people, making a difference and shaping the future of Australia.

Week 4 – Young Aussies

While challenging situations are usually tackled by experienced and older Australians, we know that the Covid-19 impact has seriously affected many young people, especially in relation to study, work, money and lifestyle. So if you know a “young” person (no age restriction) who shines, nominate them and share why you feel they have been making outstanding contributions to others and we’ll reward them. If they are too young to drive, we’ll provide hot laps for the winner and their best friend to enjoy together.

Nominate a Young Aussie you know and they could be driving at Bathurst.

To enter email us or add a comment on our Facebook post to enter now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they were doing to help others.

Fastrack V8 Race owner George Elliot will select a worthy recipient every week. The winner will receive a Bathurst drive or two local drive vouchers as a reward from Valvoline and our team.


George’s weekly hero receives the Valvoline “Never Idle” reward 

A King of the Mountain Drive at Bathurst or two Super Drives at their closest race track

To enter email or add a comment on our Facebook post now. Tell us their name and provide a short description of what they are doing.

Check out Valvoline’s “Never Idle” 60 second video

The finalists’ list below of nominees and their Aussie Hero special partners, followed by Margaret’s nomination of Edward:

Rachel L. – Jonathan E.
April G. – Matt

Troy K. – Karen K.
Hannah N. – James
Sarah C. – Alan
Lisa WT. – Mark WD
Jane E. – Quinlan
Penny M. – Steven M.
Isabella I. – Nathan P.
Margaret M. – Edward M.
Darren J. – Treena J.
Roz P. – Mark
Chrisy N. – Anthony H.
Julia T. – Tim S.
Joanne S. – Lilly W.
Nickcarnya H. – Brendan
Georgia B. – George
Brendan N. – Alexandra
Kate E. – Craig E.
Michael F. – Sharon F.
Sue B. – Neil B.
Jessica M. – Lindsay M.
Phil P. – Sandra P.
Jason B. – Ken
Anne-Marie S. – Dave

Margaret’s nomination of Edward Marks

My husband Edward Marks, before he was my husband, he was my best friend, and still is. 21 years together and married 20 years strong this July with our 19 yo daughter and 14 yo son. He took interest in them from the day they came into our lives. A better dad they couldn’t have had. He has supported our family worked hard driving 600 kms a week to and from work, even when I gave up work to raise our children he never once complained. When I wanted to study, he supported me. When I didn’t believe I could do, he did. When the going was tough, he helped me to get tough. When I broke my wrist 4 years ago, he nursed me through it. When a kangaroo hit my car, last year, he helped me get another. When money was tight he encouraged me to get a job, even though I thought I didn’t stand a chance. And when delivering catalogues I thought I can’t finish the job after doing a 10 hr shift and 120 km of driving, he would be my knight in shining armor, helping me to finish my 25km day of walking to deliver catalogues.
Covid 19 dried up the catalogues (after 6 months of delivering) and I looked doubtful for a new job. He said I could do it. I have just started a cleaning job, and again he is proud of what I can do. He is my cheer squad. Its because he believes in me, that I can do anything I put my mind to.
I would love to be able to give him a king of the mountain drive as a way of saying thank you for everything over the last 21 years.

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