Sandown Raceway V8 Racecar Experiences

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Drive the legendary Sandown 500 Supercar Circuit!

Sandown Raceway is the home of horsepower, with long straights and high-speed action ready to thrill you in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria.

If you’re ready to experience the high octane power of Sandown, there’s no better time to buy yourself or a friend a gift card for a V8 hot lap or drive day experience.

A once in a lifetime V8 Supercar experience is the ultimate gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of one of Australia’s most spectacular high performance V8 race cars.

Sandown Raceway is considered the ultimate power circuit with key features such as an 899 metre and 910 metre drag straights designed to get you to maximum speed! Feel the dynamics as you take on the Dandenong Road corner like one of the great masters of the track.

Built in the early 60’s, Sandown’s Motor Circuit has long stood as the premium car racing circuit in Melbourne. Your V8 drive or hot lap experience will have you driving the same tracks graced by some of international racing’s major events such as the Sandown 500, Australian Grand Prix, Tasman Series and World SportsCar Championship.

Names such as Moss, Brabham, Brock, Bowe, Skaife and Richards have all competed at the fast and famous Sandown Raceway, and now you can add your name to the list! A V8 drive or hot lap experience is your way to make a little piece of motor racing history!

Sandown raceway is famous for horsepower and high-speed action, and has been significantly developed since it’s long-term deal with V8 Supercars back in 2007. This included significant upgrades to the pit and paddock facility, safety upgrades and a general widening and deepening of tyre barriers and resurfacing to around 1/6th of the track.

With a new three-year deal extension of Supercar events until 2023, the Sandown track is in tip-top racing condition. And for the lucky few who get to experience the hair raising turns and straights during your V8 drive and hot lap experiences, you’ll be amazed by how much fun you can have on a day out!

So don’t wait around. Book a once in a lifetime driving experience for you or a friend at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne. Strap in for hot laps with a V8 racing legend like John Bowe or George Hollywood Elliot, or show us what you’ve got by jumping behind the wheel of your own high performance race car as you take on the iconic Sandown Raceway yourself.

  • V8 Race Drive & Stunt Combo- Special Half Day Event at Sandown

    Sandown Raceway - Melbourne, VIC

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Sandown Raceway

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