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V8 Hot Lap Driver Auditions – Symmons Plains

Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

  • 20 Drive laps

“The V8 Hot Lap Driver Auditions”

Do you have what it takes to be a professional hot lap driver for Australia’s largest race car experience company? You won’t know if you don’t try.


* Opportunity to become a V8 Hot Laps Driver – 12 month contract
* Half day advanced program with 10 Qualifier Race School positions available
* Audition includes two 10 lap sessions with coaching and judging

We’re searching for a full-time hot lap driver!

You’ll be behind the wheel of a V8 racing car on all of the best supercar circuit to make everyone’s dreams come true. You’ll even be doing hot laps on the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in Bathurst.

You’ll be paid for track time, that every aspiring racer would love to do and be paid a $500 dollars per day fee for the entire event year. All airfares, car rental, accommodation and meals will be paid for.

Here’s how it rolls…

Applicants will be required to purchase a test drive package driving two 10 lap sessions – a Practice session, then the judged Qualifier session. We’ll email you with date availability by venue.

Points will be awarded on your ability to be smooth, consistent and your improvement on track with focus on:

* Ability to make decisions around safety, fast. Safety before ego.
* Ability to be smooth.
* Steering wheel (car) control.
* Lines.
* Hitting apexes.
* Braking.
* Throttle control.
* Gear changes, smooth using heal and toe.
* Ability to remain relaxed and calm.
* Attitude towards customers. (Verbal)
* Cockpit cycle. (Mirror, track, gauges, customer.)
* Consistency

The 10 highest point scorers will attend a race driver seminar and a final interview. Each will be given 3 high speed qualifying laps solo with the fastest over all being awarded a one-year contract a professional hot lap driver.

Click on this V8 Hot Laps Driver link for all the details.
Strictly limited.

Symmons Plains Raceway—the pride of Tassie motor racing!

Located 30kms south of the city of Launceston, Symmons Plains Raceway is the one of the longest serving racing circuits in Australia, hosting iconic events like the Australian Touring Car and V8 Supercar series.

Since 2005, Symmons Plains has been home to it’s own event, now known as the Tasmania Supersprint, which attracts thousands of fans ready to enjoy the finest V8 action the Apple Isle has to offer.

You don’t even have to be a racing legend or event spectator to enjoy the thrill of Symmons Plains. Now you can experience the thrill yourself when you come down to the track for a signature V8 drive or hot lap experience. If you’re a motor racing enthusiast these event days are the perfect opportunity to get behind the wheel of a high performance V8 race car and see how your lap times compare to those of your racing heroes.

On the day

Weather Information

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Indemnity Form

An Indemnity form will need to be completed by the participant in the experience. The indemnity form can be downloaded here

Important to know

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    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 8 Drive laps
    $680.00 @$85/lap
  • Mustang G Force

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 6 Drive laps
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  • Mustang Edge

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

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  • The Slingshot

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  • The Slipstream

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 4 Drive laps
    $340.00 @$85/lap
  • The Apex

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 4 Drive laps
    • 2 Hot laps
    $540.00 @$83/lap
  • The Qualifier

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 2 Hot laps
    $220.00 @$100/lap
  • George Hollywood Elliot Hot Laps

    Symmons Plains Raceway - Launceston, TAS

    • 2 Hot laps
    $340.00 @$170/lap
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