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A boy’s dream comes true…

Love it or not, there’s no denying that virtually anyone can share experiences via video or reviews in this new world of connected technology.

When we started V8 Race 15 years ago we used to advertise in the Trading Post magazine. Yes, a newspaper for selling stuff, rather than Gumtree or Imagine that!

Reviews of cars or driving experiences were done by journalists and they would appear in places like the Cars Guide of the Saturday Herald Sun.

That seems like a lifetime ago and today there’s guys like Matthew Hatton that people listen to. So, what does Matthew do?

According to his Blog, “Matthew lives in Sydney, having grown up in Newcastle. He makes things. Matt does words, and he also does video”.

Given Matthew also writes things for Cars Guide, we thought he might be a good judge of what’s an awesome thing to do behind the wheel (and he writes much better than we do).

As it turned out, despite working for Cars Guide, Matthew had not really been given the opportunity to drive a racing car, or any car at speeds that you’d lose your license for (if on the road).

So to our surprise, Matthew was as much of a relative novice as many of our “first-time on a race track” drivers.

He starts his blog by saying “If I may, I’d like to start by borrowing a cliche. Ever since I was a boy, I dreamed of driving a racing car. I’ve come close, the last few years. There’s been more than a few BMW M cars, a few Audi RSs, two Ferraris and a McLaren. Close, no potato. Recently, that changed…”

So how did he go and how did he feel about the experience of driving a V8 at Sydney Motorsport Park?

Holy moly driving quick is fun. The noise, the forces, going around corners, finding your braking points, turn in points. It doesn’t take much for your ambition to quickly surpass your talent behind the wheel.

Matthew Hatton
Fastrack V8 Race Supercar Driver at Sandown Raceway

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