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Car Sales checks out the Adrenaline Hot Laps driver auditions

Get a taste of the V8 Adrenaline Hot Laps Driver Auditions

With the first Auditions coming up this month for the Adrenaline Hot Laps Driver, George Elliot invited Sam Charlwood, the Motoring journalist at Carsales and TenMotorsport to give it a try.

Sam had a great time and shared his experience with us, so you can get a preview of what to expect on the day:


No matter how well you do in the auditions, this an experience you’ll never forget!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team as a Hot Laps Driver apply now.


Sam Charlwood’s Adrenaline Hot Laps Driver Experience

Regardless of your skill level, you need a bucket load of money to make it as a professional racer nowadays.

And the sad reality is that the dreams of many drivers are shot down before they truly reach their potential.

But I may have found a paid gig that may just be the next best thing.

Imagine being pad to drive Australia’s best race circuits behind the wheel of a V8.

Well today, I’m auditioning for that very role.

How to Become a V8 Racecar Driver

Australian company Fastrack V8 Race is on the hunt for a Hot Laps driver.

The kind who takes punters for a ride at some of the country’s best venues, and earns a paid 12-month contract for their troubles.

The company is taking its job hunt national.

Anyone can enter by fronting a $1250 audition day, available at a choice of four venues.

Is this Australia’s Fastest Job?

Now funnily enough, this is being advertised as Australia’s fastest job, and that’s probably not a huge stretch of the truth, aside from some aviation roles.

This is the car that I’m driving. It started out life as a VE Holden SS Commodore, but it’s got some obvious modifications.

Wheels, brakes and tyres, lifted from the V8 Supercars, as well as a roll cage, stripped down interior and an open exhaust.

This should be a lot of fun.

How the Hot Laps Auditions Work

The Commodore 6 litre V8 engine remains, as does the regular H Pattern gearbox.

During the audition, candidates get a 10-lap practice session to learn the ropes, followed by a further 10-lap judge session.

Here, experts assess each individual based on their decision-making skills, driving style and smoothness, racing lines, control inputs and attitude, using in-car and video feedback.

And the winner is?

All told, the experience is highly visceral, exceeding speeds of 200 kilometres an hour, and taking in the sounds and smells of an old-school push-rod V8.

The top 10 points scorers from around the country get to attend a race driver seminar and final interview.

From there, they get to put together three hot laps. And the fastest wins the 12-month contract.

Irrespective of the result, you’ve gotta say, this is a pretty fun day out.


Hot Laps Driver Audition


Learn more about the Adrenaline Hot Laps Driver auditions and throw your hat into the ring today!


Content courtesy of, by Sam Charlwood. Read Sam’s full review on the website.


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